ProgDVB 7.13

Support text files for IPTV parameters (look TvSourcesTemplates). SlyNet list of Internet TV channels. Fixes of network code, EPG dialog, NasheTV/RodnoeTV.

ProgTV Android v2.15.0

OpenGL renderer, per channel LetterBox, fixes of blind search and many more.

DVB Dream v2.8.1 is available

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 32/64bit

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a best free audio and video player for Windows.

Before uninstall the old version. This is Nightly version using Lav filters (0.67.03).

PowerVU Plugin v2.3

PowerVU Plugin is an standalone emulator for DVB-Viewer-Pro and DVB-Dream. Copy all files to the "Plugins" folder of the DVB Players.

DVB Dream PowerVU Module v2.3

Copy all files to the "Modules" folder of the DVBDream.

AltDVB v2.2 Build 4115 R3

ALTDVB non-official PowerVU supported version. PowerVU.ini update.

Transponder lists for ProgDVB

April 2015 Transponder lists for ProgDVB all.list file.

04/2015 Update DVB-S/S2 Transponders Pack

C-Band, Ku-Band Linear, Ku-Band Circular sorted DVBs/s2 transponder lists for 160 satellite.

SmartDVB v0.4.0

This version has many fixes and additions. Most notable additions: HEVC support, HTTP streaming, MadVR support, transcoding for streaming and recording. Basic client/server possibilities using http or udp.

BDA Interface v0.2.1.1239 For AltDVB

[] Added multistream & PLS support for TBS 5925, 6925 and 6983 cards (the direct hwcontrol mode in TBS.ini must be disabled (0)).
[] Fix Pinnacle 4xxe support (Technotrend BDA).

DVBViewer Türksat 4A 42e Channel List

Update Turksat 4A 42e Channel List for DVBViewer

ProgDVB Türksat 4A 42e Channel List

Update Turksat 4A 42e Channel List for ProgDVB

SmartDVB Türksat 4A 42e Channel List

Update Turksat 4A 42e Channel List for SmartDVB

DvbDream Türksat 4A 42e Channel List

Update Turksat 4A 42e Channel List for DVBDream

AltDVB Türksat 4A 42e Channel List

Update Turksat 4A 42e Channel List for ALTDVB

AltDVB v2.2 Build 4115

ALTDVB official non-public latest version.

NWemu 1.2.8

Bug fixed when using hight fonts and editing key fixed.

WinLirc 0.9.0i

IZIoscam 1.19

IZIoscam is software for managing Oscam on Windows. Has the goal to help novice users (and advanced too) to use Oscam quickly and edit configuration file through GUI (graphical interface).

Fixed: other minor bug.

SmartDVB Channel Lister 1.1

SmartDVB Channel lister is a tool that allows you to create a fresh channel list (including favorites) based on datas (for now, some of other sat sites maybe added in next versions) in a short time. It will also fix your plugin problems in SmartDVB.

* To use it, you just have to set your satellites (and/or your equipment (diseqc, positioner etc.)) in SmartDVB (Frequencies > Add/Edit Frequency) before you run the program. To install plugins also, press Ctrl (the right side one!) + K in the components page.

* To use channel logos, download and extract logo pack into the directory where the EXE is located. (The logo pack includes 9.164 channel logos of 32 European satellites!) The program will match and copy logos into the related folder during detecting channels.

* If you want to use logos with your channel list only, run the EXE with -matchlogos command line switch.

SmartDVB beta3

* Allsats txt satellite name length increased, should be possible up to 128 ch now.
* udp station change with VLC might operate better now.
* dvbsky/benustar diseqc support to bda dev.
* Option to bda dev device settings to enable pls/mis, by default PLS/MIS is disabled for tbs devices.
* netup diseqc interfaces (untested).
* sometimes smart filter > video decoder PIP connection issues with some codecs (ffdshow/ms dtv). Still needs to be tested well.


Added: Tab bitmap graphics (graphics with possible skin like smartosd, same 'images' folder method)

Fixed: Some graph timeshift issues
Some issues with smartosd up/down remote/kb keys which did not navigate station list. Also 'ok' should now tune current selected station at those station lists.
Scanner sync update from satfeeds failed
Volume float exception which occurred sometimes
Station update with blindscanner now's done per satellite (could cause heap problems sometimes)
Header didn't show correct with blindscanner also some memory leaks there
Windows 8 compatibility issue when switched to fullscreen mode with quick ratio alteration
Non-transparent logo's were not shown correct
Mpeg record audio sync/distortion issues were reported
More dvb title process errors at some stations, let me know if you still encounter errors with stations with this Respect
Exception process, now some report requests when caught exceptions occur (without app exit, before these exceptions could get unnoticed but might cause difficult to locate issues later)
Some more corrections to mpeg recs.

Media Player Classic - BE 1.1.3 32/64bit

MPC-BE (aka Media Player Classic Home Cinema - Black Edition) is a light-weight media player that supports all common video, audio and image file formats available.
Support for subtitles in XSUB format (DiVX subtitles);

K-Lite Codec Pack 11.05 FULL

For the 10.9 version, the updates are:

MPC–HC to version, LAV Filters to version 0.63-21, Codec Tweak Tool to version 5.9.4, madVR to version 0.87.11, GraphStudioNext to version, Icaros to version 2.2.7 b3.

Prog Finder v2.34

Prog Finder Simple and completely free the utility capable considerably to help with adjustment of the Satellite dish or Terristeral antenna.

What's New; Important fixes.

Prog Guide v1.0

Prog Guide - Small, simple and completely free the utility for viewing of XmlTV or JTV Guide files.

1. Comfortable display of a Guide with 3 various styles.
2. Viewing of XmlTV and JTV formats, including zip and gzip of archives.
3. Export to xmltv and html.
4. Zoom, search, support of several languages and other necessary service.

Flycccam 0.4 beta2 Free Version

FLYCCCAM is a special window under the user agreement CCCAM shared plug-ins, and this free version only support one accounts. Stopped development of the program, but a good alternative fast and simple.

mdPlug v3.4

Small fix.

DVBDream v1.7 (trial) is available!

HDVB v1.2.6 - HDVB CardSharing Client/Server

Serial RS232 Sharing Tis-Mode Protocol, Simple SSSP PC-Sat: UDP HDVB Plugin
Supported protocols: Client/Server Gbox CCcam

HDVB v1.2.6

QT Lite 4.1.0

Play QuickTime movies that are embedded in webpages. Download HD QuickTime trailers (using the included MOV Download Tool)

Hadu CCCam Plugin

Bug fix for the non correct display of indexed nodes (when the list of the nodes is sorted by user)
Support for Nagra Tiger EMMs.
Usual minor bug fixes and enhancements.
TID and SID for the current channel are displayed into the "Monitor" window.
A list of all changes made are detailed in the Readme.txt file.

ACamd v0.6.2.0

ACamd cardclient and smartcard use for windows DVB Cards plugin.

- Added Anysee support
- Added FTDI support (smargo)
- Added SoftCsa mode
- Changed When disable PMT or CAT scan, disable cache scan to
- Fixed PMT, missing some HD entries
- Fixed lot of small issues, CCcamN, EMM
- Removed Emubox03, GBoxN, MBoxN
- Same v0.0.0.6
- Update ACamdMonitor.exe v0.0.0.3

Prof Revolution S2 7301 incelemesi (reviews)

Shenzhen (Çin) merkezli bir firmanın Prof Revolution S2 7301 adlı DVB-S2 destekli kartını test ediyoruz.

Prof Revolution S2 7301 PCI Card reviews.

Using CCCam Server with HADU (Video)

CCCam use with Hadu plugin (Video Tutorial)

Technisat 4.6.0 Drivers

· SkyStar 2 TV PCI
· SkyStar USB 1.1 & 2.0
· CableStar Combo HD CI
· AirStar 2 PCI
· AirStar USB
· CableStar 2 PCI

released new drivers for the cards. General improvements made.

AltDVB 2.2 All in One Pack

ALTDVB installation package is ready for use;
+ Channel list updated.
+ vPlug, Hadu, WinCSC updated.
+ WDM support in Windows7 for SkyStar cards added.
+ TT-budget WDM/PCI support.
+ TP list updated.
+ BDA device has been updated.
+ Satellite list updated.

Win7 Drivers for WinTV NOVA-T-PCI/S-Plus/HD-S2

Hauppauge WinTV HVR-(1100/1300/3000/4000)/NOVA-(T-PCI/S-Plus/HD-S2) için Win7 sürücüleri. Drivers Only WHQL XP, Vista(32/64), Win7.

Skystar HD 2 & SkyStar USB 2 HD CI Driver

Expanded list of supported CAMs.
Improved addressing of multiple SkyStar HD 2 devices installed in one PC.

DiSEqC Settings for DVB Players

ProgDVB, DVBViewer, DVBDream, AltDVB settings for the DiSEqC.

WinTV Remote Module for DVBDream

WinTV remote module for DVB Dream v1.7 and higher. Limitations Due to the hardware, I only tested this with the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S-Plus Classic Remote. Others may shout or may work at all.Feel free to patch the source on your own, if you know what to do. DVBDream remote control module for 1.7 and above. Use the WinTV Nova DVBDream card with remote control.


This is the first review of Europe's leading manufacturer of analog and digital TV card Hauppauge WinTV NOVA HD S2 product review company.

Golden OSD 2.48

New snapshot by remote
with option to save as bmp or jpeg (vmr9 only).
Add new option for EPG (for altdvb parser). Fixed volume indicator flickering.
Please delete old GoldenOSD.ini.

Fast Sat finder 2.7.0

Added a lot of improved signal detection mechanisms.
To improve usability added a new skin codename "Just". You can compose,
view, modify and control all graphical elements of FastSatfinder.