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> DVB Dream Size Info
18 MB Added suport for TBS 6903x, TBS 5590, TBS 6909x, TBS6904x, TBS 6504. Fixed VLC streaming issue. Fixed a serious deadlock problem which used to happen on some Windows versions. LAV codecs updated to the latest (0.73.1). Default streming buffer size is now reduced to 1316 bytes for LAN streaming.
17 MB Support for TBS HDMI/ASI capture cards (6301,6304, ASI capture). TBS-CI module fixed (CAM should work fine now). Several bug fixes. Lav filters update.
19 MB BISS and Fixed CW are now stored/remembered for each channel. LCN setting is remembered. H264 video information is reported correctly now for 4:2:2. Several bug fixes.
15.5 MB VC runtime problem on older Windows versions fixed. Occasional startup file I/O eurekalog message fixed.
14.3 MB Many ATSC related fixes. ATSC channel names are correctly detected now. Korean translation added. Several fixes.
7.6 MB Older and freeware DVB Dream version.
22 kb Only Turksat 2A,3A,4A 42e channel list for DVBDream
383 kb 26e, 19.2e, 4.8e, 7e, 9e, 10e, 16e, 13e, 0.8w, 5w, 7w, 12.5w satellite channel list.
114 kb Remote control module for Hauppauge WinTV cards.
248 kb DVB Dream BDA Device. Skystar HD2 diseq good working.(scanman)
4.52 MB If you cannot run DVB Dream on Windows Server systems (2012-2016), try installing the following BDA patch.
> DVBViewer Size Info
11.5 MB Removed: Recording: Writing the EPG data of recordings as NTFS file properties has been dropped. However, reading file properties on recording data base updates (if there is no EPG information file) is still supported. Timer Recordings Window fix. Fix EPG Window. Fix/Change TV/Radio Options. Change Wake on LAN. Scanner fix. Added new hardware support and fix hardware.
6.7 MB Channel List: DVBViewer Pro 6.0 provides an easy way to try the new streaming capabilities that allow to store Internet TV/Radio channels in the channel list.
44 kb Only Turksat 2A,3A,4A 42e channel list for DVBViewer
> ProgDVB Size Info
39.8 MB Small fixes of ProgDemux, JTV.
48 kb Transponder lists for ProgDVB (10/04/2018)
2.2 MB 42 satellite channel list.
112 kb Only Turksat 2A,3A,4A 42e channel list for ProgDVB
1.85 MB Small, simple and completely free the utility for viewing of XmlTV or JTV Guide files. NET Framework 2.0 needed.
315 kb Prog DVB channel editor. NET Framework 2.0 needed.
29 kb -
13 MB Big update of Engine. Updated flv/rtmp support and added support of MP4. Support of new OTT providers. Changes in scheduler, ProgDVB client.
> SmartDVB Size Info
20 MB Improvements and fixes to DVB-T2 PLP handling. Added T2-MI satellite support to the normal scanner and channel lists.
4 kb Only Turksat 2A,3A,4A 42e channel list for SmartDVB
4.0 MB SmartDVB Channel lister is a tool that allows you to create a fresh channel list (including favorites) based on kingofsat.net datas.
16 MB The logo pack includes 9.164 channel logos of 32 European satellites!
> Alt DVB Size Info
5.1 MB ALTDVB non-official PowerVU supported version. PowerVU.ini update.
4.8 MB All in one PACK, Plugin, Codec and Channel List
160 kb [] Added multistream & PLS support for TBS 5925, 6925 and 6983 cards (the direct hwcontrol mode in TBS.ini must be disabled (0)).
17 kb AltDVB (based on the Technisat SDK) to support RAW DiSEqC, which allows to use the card in the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7.
282 kb ALT DVB Plugin open channel stream on the network share.
23 kb AltDVB channel editor.
35 kb AltDVB2 graph files.
23 kb Only Turksat 2A,3A,4A 42e channel list for AltDVB
496 kb AltDVB 33 satellite channel lists.
247 kb With this tool decoding AltDVB encrypted tv records (ts files)
633 kb ALT DVB OSD plugin.