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Satellite Internet Providers Satellite DSL Via Satellite Broadband Skynet

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1.3 MB Fix the assembly files. increased stability.
290 kb Satellite Stream Reader Dynamic-link library (for bda driver).
56 kb Skystar2 PCI, Skystar S2 PCI, Skystar USB, Skystar USB2 (Flexcop B2C2) with us. Require 4.4.0 driver.
314 kb All BDA-drive and at the first (b2c2-chip) or you can use your cards version.
736 kb Streamreaders.dll file to run Skynet needs, bda driver for each card or have different streamreader.
8 kb Regex and rules files for the Skynet
1.64 MB SkyNet designed for Linux systems
8 MB Fixed satellite provider selection. Updated satellite provider's list.
86 kb SkyNet Source Code
274 kb Regex.txt skynet.ini settings and editing tool