Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.6 5611 Portable

RawVideoSplitter - minor adjustment.

Fixed rounding errors when calculating the size of the video area.

Added the ability to assign the "Play / Pause" command to double-click LMB.

Minor adjustments for the processing of very short H.264 data within MPEG-TS.

DVBViewer Pro 6.1.7

Fix: Hardware: Bad book keeping of TbsCIapi.dll instances, that are needed for using TBS devices with CI. It could cause a crash if more than one instance (TbsCIapi.dll, TbsCIapi1.dll, TbsCIap2i.dll...) was used, particularly when switching between two encrypted channels requiring two TBS tuners with different CAMs.

Change: Hardware: If channel switching in the main or PiP window implies a tuner change, DVBViewer now first releases the used tuner, before allocating a new one. Previously there was a short period of overlapping usage of both tuners.

ProgDVB 7.35.1 Pro Full

IFix of recording split, min duration and other.

Impove of high DPI diplay supporting. Fixes.

AltDVB interface to StreamReader.dll - Dev_StreamRead

Simple interface to the StreamReader.dll library.
Most of the tuner parameters (Modulation, FEC, MIS/PLS, Rolloff, Pilot) are sent to
the dll if there is a correspondence between my internal coding and values expected by library.

Raw DiSEqC is also supported, if hardware has this capablility.
Download and extract it into the AltDVB\Devices folder.

StreamReaderEx BDA

Satellite Stream Reader Dynamic-link library for bda driver. streamreader.dll is required for Skynet.

AltDVB Device Server v2.3.0.340

This is an application used to remotely access a DVB device over TCP/IP.

BDA Interface v2.3.3

DVB-T2 PLP setting support for TBS and Astrometa.

AltDVB v2.3 Build 5220

ALTDVB new version available with new features and fixed a lot of bugs.

added support for HEVC.

added support for AAC,AAC-LATM and EAC3.

added support for EVR – Enhanced Video Renderer.

experimental built-in support for PLS and MIS. Currently only for TBS devices using my

simplified directshow config.

portable: doesn’t use registry to store settings, run as standard user (without admin rights).

new version of, used directly, does NOT need to be registered in the system using regsvr32.exe

added support for “internal” directshow decoders (only LAV filters, for now).

See the Readme.txt for all new feature and bug fixes.

NetStreaming DVBViewer Plugin

This plugin adds multicast network streaming to the DVBViewer for streaming one or more stations to one or more clients in a network.

Autobiss v1.3

Fixed all problem with altdvb and dvbdream and smartdvb.

Add info of feed. Add the pol and sr for frequency.

DVBViewer Basic Media Server

Fix: Channel List: Empty root or category names could let the Media Server crash when loading the channel list on start (see here).

Fix: Live Streaming (HTTP): Taking away a DVB device, used for a transcoded or untrancoded live stream,, by a task with higher priority (e.g. a recording), could cause subsequent access violations andr even memory corruption. The connection was not closed properly by the server.

Change: Live Streaming (HTTP and RTSP): The Media Server now avoids unnecessary device deallocation and re-allocation if a DVB device that is used by a live stream is taken away by a task with higher priority (e.g. a recording), thus making the changeover faster.

Added: General: Basic support for the Chinese video format AVS (including AVS+ and AVS2) and the audio format DRA. It enables receiving, recording and streaming of channels that are using these formats, but no playback in the browser yet (see here).

Fix: Hardware: Switching between the DVB-S2/T2/C reception types with the TBS 5580 USB box did not work.

Fix: Hardware: Reception of other than the first DVB-T2 (MPLP) sub-stream did not work with TBS devices.

SmartDVB v0.5.3.26 beta portable x64 Release

TBS TV Tuner PCIe Cards Driver

TBS TV Tuner PCIe cards Windows 10 driver pack; TBS6504, TBS6522, TBS6528, TBS6590, TBS6902, TBS6903, TBS6909x, TBS6904, TBS6904x TBS6908, TBS6909, TBS6909x, TBS6910, TBS6928.

TBS TV Tuner USB Cards Driver

TBS TV Tuner USB cards Windows 10 driver pack; TBS5520se, TBS5580, TBS5590, TBS5927, TBS5980, TBS5990.

Tevii DVB-S2 USB Box S662 Driver

Windows 10 updates the only working drivers are v5192.

April 2019 Update DVB-S/S2 Transponder Pack

C-Band, Ku-Band Linear, Ku-Band Circular sorted DVBs/s2 transponder lists for 87 satellite.

DVB Dream v3.7.1 is available

Added support for Unicable II JESS (up to 32 LNBs). Fix for initialization error 5 on some devices.

PowerVU Plugin v3.8.1

PowerVU plugin is an standalone emulator for DVBViewer, DVB-Dream, SmartDVB, TSReader and ProgDVB.

Transponder lists for ProgDVB

April 2018 Transponder lists for ProgDVB all.list file.

DVBJCam v0.0.0.8

DVBJCam client emulator for DVBDream, AltDVB and DVBViewer Pro.
Copy all files into Plugin or Plugin\pip00 folder.